All social media trends of 2022

A Guide for all Social Media Managers

Do you know the 2022 innovations on social media?

The people who work on these platforms are always researching innovative communication strategies, but to succeed, they must always be updated and know all content changes on new media.

In the article: Social Media Trend 2022: come cambiano i contenuti social, we sum up the new directions that the major social media platforms are taking.

Facebook aims to niches, through groups and live audio rooms, that amplify the concept of closeness with the user and simplify the usability content.

Instagram revolves around video format: Experts on social media will have to spend the majority of their energies creating funny, informative, and effective videos.

TikTok never stops learning: The Chinese platform will elongate the duration of the videos up to 3 minutes, meanwhile, reels will be maximum of 60 seconds to convey the contents of each interest.

Youtube changes strategy: Witnessing the birth of Youtube Shorts, now the users can create 60 seconds videos on this platform

Linkedin becomes an adult, Happy 18th birthday!: The work of social media introduces the creator mode, giving the possibility to users to promote their content even through Newsletter format.

Tweeter x2: Since immediacy is crucial, Twitter introduces audio content.

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