Suggestions to create a successful web design in 2022!

10 suggestions not to undertake!

Which direction web design will take in 2022? As every year begins, we interrogate ourselves on which trends to follow to keep up with the market preferences, but projecting websites must take into consideration not just the aesthetics, but also the user experience.

In the article: “ 10 web design trend per il 2022 “, we report Adi Huri’s considerations, creative Product Manager of WOW. He explains his point of view to create a website that represents the graphic preferences of today.

  1. “Less is more” is the base concept. Minimalist style together with symmetry, color touches, and dynamic effects will guarantee a better user experience.
  2. Using Serif typography will be essential to give an elegant look.
  3. The Sustainability concept will be fundamental to outlining the website’s color palette.
  4. Also, inclusivity must be emphasized through the use of images of people with different backgrounds.
  5. Moving 3D elements will donate an original touch to the minimalism of the website.
  6. Surreal visual experiences will capture the users’ and visitors’ attention.
  7. A blurry effect will exalt, what needs to be highlighted.
  8. Fluid gradients, even if born in the ‘90s, will create an innovative effect
  9. Surprising interactions will guarantee visitors a real immersive interaction.

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