The Creative Trends of 2022

A guide for all Designer

What will be the visual trends that are going to guide the communication within 12 months?

We can find the answer from the multimedia platform Depositphoto, after asking design experts, CEOs, and professional artists, unveiled in its article: “ Creative Trends 2022 di Depositphoto “, the new tendencies of the creative industry.

The article highlights how the past year and the future will coexist. It’s a period, in which on one hand IA and the Metaverse are being used to elevate the user experience, on the other Y2K and psychedelic aesthetics will be adopted to connect further with the audience.

Among the most appreciated tendencies, there will be:

  1. The Metaverse, represented by 3D elements and animations, will improve and expand the interactions and engagements of the users.
  2. The desire to escape the repetitiveness of the present will find an outlet in motifs and psychedelic graphics of the ’70s.
  3. The Y2K aesthetics, together with pastel color palettes and retro-futuristic vibrations, will be fundamental for brands and influencers.
  4. Extraterrestrial Shapes, space voyages, dark tones, and metallic warp, will guide designers into content creation.
  5. Self-love will be highly diffused within the next years, mostly in the branch of photography
  6. The art of scrollytelling is the winning strategy to enchant the public.
  7. Last but not least, the immersive experience fascinates today’s consumers.

Get to know more by reading the original article!: Creative Trends 2022 di Depositphoto

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