UX e UI Designer: A guide for beginners

All you need to know about these professions

Often, terms such as UX and UI designer are used in interchangeable ways, but in reality, they define different jobs. Therefore, which are the main differences between these professions?

First of all, what do UI and UX mean? The work done by these designers exists for decades, if not ages, but have only recently been defined by the technology industry.

The term UX Design refers to the user experience design, while UI Design refers to user interface design. Both have the same importance and collaborate with one another to convey better the product and everything that surrounds it.

The User Experience design is the first human approach while designing a product. The user experience includes all the means (digital and non-digital) that push an interaction between the user and the brand. This discipline can be applied to different aspects of our lives. As a matter of fact, the theory behind the user experience refers to the experience of a consumer when they enjoy a service or product.

The UX designer analyses how a person can live an experience and how much time it takes to complete a task. For example: if it is easy to find a product on a website or how much time it takes to checkout while shopping online, if it’s a linear process or if there are obstacles.

The main goal of UX designers is to create pleasant experiences for the users. The UX design isn’t just digital and technological, or just the aesthetic visuals but regards the feeling of the experience. For this reason, this figure is highly important in companies.

Different from UX design, UI design is definitely more practical and technological. The user interface completes this aspect. In short words, the aesthetics and feel, how a service or product presents.

Different from UX design, UI design is strictly a digital term. The UI design is the point of connection between user and product/service. It’s the look, the feeling, and the interactivity of the product. It is based on the idea is to make a service or a product with an intuitive interface, thinking about each graphic element and problematics that a user can encounter.

While the user experience is based more on the theory behind each product or service, the user interface is the way the user interacts with a service or product.

Despite the differences, these two points of view coexist, and one cannot live without the other. The product/service would be incomplete. Both these professional figures can be of great help to the company. These two professional figures together translate the needs and necessities of the users.

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