All you need to know about Instagram updates

Reels are entering stardom on Instagram. They’re becoming the main competitor of TikTok. As a matter of fact, Meta is introducing new interesting updates for the users, from interactive stickers to the possibility of modifying audios.

The most wanted update is the new time limit for IG Reels going from 60 seconds to 90. In fact, in the last few months, Meta gave the possibility to a few users to test this function, giving them more time to show their content, competing against TikTok with its three minutes or longer video format.Even though 30 seconds don’t seem much, this update gives the chance to creators to widen their platform and post further their content.

Furthermore, now you can add interactivestickers to your Reels! Such as quizzes, polls, and emoji sliders. These tools allow increasing interactivity on Instagram posts since Reels are seen on the feed like photos.

Also, users can now make their own audios and upload them on Instagram, while Reels on Facebook can be featured with the VoiceOver option.

Another interesting update is the Sound Sync, it synchronizes the photos and video clips (even from your Instagram highlights) to the beat of the song chosen.

Last but not least, Meta created this new feature that creates templates from other Reels. Only a few users had the possibility to use this new feature before its launch. This will make the editing of the videos even easier, in order that the users post more of this type of content.

Meta is pushing more on their discovery feed Instagram Reels, showing them more than actual photo-type posts.

In addition to those creative updates, Creator Studio is getting updated with the option of not only posting but also editing Reels, that later can be posted both on Instagram and Facebook.

Instagram lives now can be edited creating new 60 seconds formats with the most interesting parts.

Video formats are conquering both users and creators, making their feeds much more interesting and creating more intimacy between viewers and creators. In short words, more users like video formats, fast clips, simple and immediate. For this reason, Meta and other platforms are improving and updating their tools to create and upload videos.

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