TikTok, Reels, and Video: The future of Social Media

The new format that conquered social media.

Which is the best content to get to your audience in 2022?

Social media today are the most effective tools to get more visibility and propose services and products to the audience. But which content attracts more public?

If before blogs were the kings in town, now videos have replaced them, in fact, each month more than the 56% of users prefer watching videos rather than other types of content.

The definitive blessing arrived with Instagram Reels. Short videos of different content ever seen before, that exploits the ideas of the single user making it into a trend, spread among the entire platform, they could be dances, quotes, or famous videos. The Chinese platform hosts videos of many digital creators and influencers, who complete their communication strategy between the posting of TikToks and Instagram posts. In this push, different agencies decide to exploit the popularity of these platforms to search for further profit and brand awareness.

But how did this tendency towards videos rather than other post types arrive? The modern user is constantly bombarded by images, products, and testimonials, from his smartphone to his brain. This phenomenon pushes the brain to select certain contents instead of others, preferring a short and dynamic stimulus. The action on the screen leads to an immediate curiosity about the content to see “what happens”, therefore the scrolling stops, and the eye scrutinizes it so that the brain can elaborate in just a few seconds on the huge quantity of information given. When watching a video, gestures, and words help to familiarize immediately, you feel more engaged, creating an intimacy with the brand, a feeling of belonging.

The shorter, clearer, and with direct concepts the videos are, the more engagement they will receive from the audience.

Following this logic, it is better to invest in this type of advertising, especially if the audience is smaller. Despite this tendency, today it is still necessary to use numerous and different tools in the communication of the brand, its products, and services to obtain reliability online.

Among the other things, It is possible to use various tools already offered by different social media to increase interactions and traffic on their pages, such as quizzes, links, polls, e-shops, and chatbots.

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