BITLY: a tool for every professional

How to customize your links!

How can professionals customize and insert their links on social media or create shorter and more efficient links? The solution is Bitly: a tool, which helps users and professionals to create customized and shorter links, both in desktop and mobile versions.

How does it work?

Working with social media pages, there is the need to shorten links that, if too long, can be seen as suspicious and discourage the user to click.

By creating shorter and customized links, they won’t be suspicious, therefore the user will be more encouraged to click them.

As for today, the privacy topic is one of the most delicate and most discussed ones. The users, since there are too many websites, social media, and platforms, don’t know where and who can steal their private information or with whom their data are shared.

For this reason, it is fundamental to install trust in your audience and users, coveying reliability, and easiness to recognize with their simplicity. This is productive for both parties: brands will gain much more traffic on their websites, making your products and services be seen more and more known.

For this reason, Bitly offers a free service of URL shortener. It is enough to log in through the website, click on the Create button, and insert the link to be shortened. In just a few seconds the new link will be available.

It is possible to do so even on the mobile version, although the user interface is less intuitive.

Another interesting tool is the link customization option. Each brand can add e.g. their name at the end of the generated link, to increase recognizability and certify the link's authenticity.

Each link is considered safe since it is encrypted with HTTPS protocol, avoiding any type of interception or manumission. offers many interesting tools, such as the creation of QR codes, assignment of new URLspngr or links or QR codes, and the link to your own Twitter account to monitor the engagement and insight. All these options are available through subscription.

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